WordPress Events Manager – Get the ical file per category

I am using the wordpress plugin Events Manager http://wp-events-plugin.com/ It had features to download the ical files for an individual event and all the events on the site. Both of these can be achieved with below urls:

http://example.com/events.ics – This url gets the ical file with all the events on the site.
http://example.com/event//ical – This gets an ical for an individual event.

And I want to get the ical file per category.

To get the ical file per category below are the steps to follow:

  1. Modify the ical template templates/ical.php and add a search attribute e.g. ‘category’=>’7′



  2. To get the category ID I used the following code:


    /* Get the category ID */
    if($args[1]=='events' && $args[2]=='categories') { $cat_name=$args[3]; $cat_obj=get_term_by('name', $cat_name , 'event-categories'); $cat_id=$cat_obj->term_id; }

  3. The url for the ical file per category will be http://example.com/events/categories//events.ics

I hope this will save some time for you!

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