How to edit all hyperlinks in MS WORD at once?

I had a huge ms word document with full of hyperlinks to a given site.  Our client has asked us to update the word document with new hyperlinks.


I cannot use search and replace to replace all old hyperlinks with new hyperlinks as these hyperlinks are  hidden or encoded in the document.


Here is a easy way to do it-

Use alt + F9 key on MS Doc. It will make all the hyperlinks editable. Then search and replace the hyper links at once.

Hope you will find it useful too. This saved me lot of time.

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That was an excellent tip thanks thanks thanks

Did this om office 2003. Alt+F9 shows the link updated but do alt+f9 to hide the codes and the hyperlink is not updated.

Great!! Very easy and works for me..

You saved me a day’s additional efforts.


I was able to show the field codes using
MS Word 2010′s office button, search and
remove the garbage text in my hyperlinks (courtesy of java), but now I can’t get
the hyperlink code to go away using the
Advanced features. F9 just affect the volume so ALT + F9 or SHIFT + F9 don’t work. How can I get functionality to F9 and how can I change my field codes (hyperlinks) back to normal text?

Thanks so much. I have been trying for 4 hours to figure out how to do this when I ran across your post.

Thank you very much for this excellent tip.

Excellent, just what I needed!
Thanks so much Srilatha.

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