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How to edit all hyperlinks in MS WORD at once?

I had a huge ms word document with full of hyperlinks to a given site.  Our client has asked us to update the word document with new hyperlinks.


I cannot use search and replace to replace all old hyperlinks with new hyperlinks as these hyperlinks are  hidden or encoded in the document.


Here is a easy way to do it-

Use alt + F9 key on MS Doc. It will make all the hyperlinks editable. Then search and replace the hyper links at once.

Hope you will find it useful too. This saved me lot of time.

Srilatha Marru's Blog
My First Post

At last I got my blog theme setup. I thank for providing some nice personal wordpress themes. I would like to write blog on any new technology I learn, web development process or any random things i feel excited about and would like to share.

Day of my first post is something special. Its super bowl today and there is one on one competition between steelers and cardinals.  And the last 5 mins of the game was worth watching. I am waiting for the game to complete … …. …

Steelers won the game. And i feel very happy about watching a nice super bowl game.


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