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Enable multiple file upload in Drupal 7

Problem:  To add multiple file uploads to each page.

Solution:   In drupal 7 file field exists in the core modules as opposed to adding a file field withh cck in drupal 6.

  1. Enable the file field in the drupal core modules.
  2. Go to content types and manage fields and add the file field to the basic page type or article if needed.  (at admin/structure/types/manage/page/fields)
  3. Now go to file settings (click on edit for the file field).
  4. Got to “File field settings”  and select the number of values.  Select the number which will be the max number of files you will upload for a page.
  5. And save settings.

There you go and you can upload multiple files for each page in drupal.


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Second level url pattern with path auto Drupal

For my drupal site I am including 2nd level url pattern.   If  a page exists  ’our facilities’ exists under ‘About us’ the intended url is /about-us/our-facilities

In the path auto, url aliases, replace [node:title] with [node:menu-link:parent:title]/[node:title]

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Hide authoring information on webform for Drupal 7

I am working on adding webforms to a microsite.  The form is added but is appended with authoring information like - Submitted by User on Sun, 03/30/2008 – 13:20.” at the top of the page.

To hide the display of this authoring information:

Goto Administration > Structure > Content Types > Webform and select edit > Goto display settings tab and un check ‘Display author and date information.’

And you can get rid of the author information on your Webform.

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Find which Ubuntu version the server is running?

To find out which ubuntu version your server is running, use the following commands:

Solution 1

cat /etc/issue

The file /etc/issue holds the version of Ubuntu installed on your system

Solution 2

lsb_release -a


cat /etc/lsb-release

Refered from:  Debian Admin


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