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Developing Web applications in PHP???

I have been developing applications both desktop and web based from past 5 to 6 years.  I worked with Java, JSP, C#, and currently working in php.  I see people having inferior opinion about PHP language over other high level languages.  I am not sure how much they know about php language and its capabilities.  Or how much they must be knowing about front end application development projects that are achieved in few months(2 – 3 atmost) with at least 90.99% client satisfaction.

What has PHP done so far?
PHP has helped in building the most popular blogging platforms and content management systems to date run by millions of websites around the world.  To anyone’s surprise Facebook, the most powerful social networking platform is run on PHP.  Although Facebook coverts php into low level languages it is interesting that it runs on php at the application level.

What is PHP evolving in to?
PHP5 version is more object oriented than ever.  There are lots more methods and functions to help the developers do their work more easily.

How much secure is it?
PHP when run on Apache and Linux servers  in my opinion is better than run on Windows with security issues.

Frameworks available:

There are lots of frameworks available making complex functionality  a piece of cake for developers.    Authentication, sessions,  access control, cache control, ajax support and so on are available to you by these frameworks.  Zend framework, cakephp, codeigniter and many frameworks have bigger development communities and are releasing the new versions up to date to cope up with upcoming technologies.   Pear packages gives the flexiblity to interact with webservices through HTTP protocol and parse the xml responses.

With these and lot more I  feel php has a strong application development platform which would help in building not only informational websites but also strong application oriented websites.


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