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40 useful and interesting jquery techniques and plugins

In this post, this present 40 useful but obscure jQuery plug-ins that will hopefully help you improve the user experience on your websites. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the comments to this post.

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Disk space of directories on ubuntu

To find the disk space of a directory on ubuntu the command is

du -skh  /foldername

-s means “Summary” and -h means “Human Readable”

More on disk usage command options can be found here.

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What To Do when Images Don’t Appear in your RSS Feed

One of the quirky little annoying things about WordPress is that it sometimes (or maybe always) uses relative image links in its RSS feed. What this means is that, when you put an image in an article, the link says, “Hey, article, just look for this image in this specific directory, relative to this article. In other words, if your image is in the directory, “ ,” then WordPress might automatically set the link to that image relative to your domain. In other words, instead of giving the entire URL, it might do something like this”…/…/images/image.jpg .” Now this works great in terms of your article, which resides in a fixed location in the database on your server. But for an RSS feed, it doesn’t know what the relative link is relative to, and therefore, it returns nothing to your readers.  So, try to use the absolute url for images instead of relative paths.

More about this can be found at this article

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Drupal Logout Bug

In Drupal 6.3 or less versions, there is bug in the drupal logout functionality.  This seems to be cache related.

If I am logged in to two browser tabs on Firefox and tried to logout in one tab and refresh the site in another tab I see the below problem -
Problem: If I tried to login or logout it says access denied but it shows the admin section links at the top.  When i click on any of the admin links it says access denied.

So you might overcome this issue, by changing the line
header(“Cache-Control: store, no-cache, must-revalidate”);
header(“Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate”);

in function drupal_page_header() in ./include/

And clear the cache and refresh your page.

You can also find some insights at

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Twitter development tools

Have thoughts to use amazing twitter services on your site. There you go, twitter has opened up a developer platform for developers to write applications, share them and use them. Thanks to Rajesh Gollapudi our co web developer who mentioned about it yesterday. And I took a sneak peek at it.

I had trouble registering the application in the beginning. I thought it didn’t like my callback url. But I guess it didn’t like my application name. I changed the name from ‘My twitter Application’ to ‘My tweet bash’ and it worked!

The best first thing you get from it is Hover cards. The name sounds so interesting right? These are the cards that get displayed when you hover over the usernames on twitter feeds.


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